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11.08.2017_2018: Expected strengthening of economic activity and steel demand in Latin American countries
11.07.2017_MERCOFER statement about MERCOSUR-EU negotiation
11.07.2017_Alacero-58: Ildefonso Guajardo Villarreal, Secretary of Economy of Mexico was recognized with the Excellence Award 2017
11.07.2017_Alacero-58: Leaders of industry and government inaugurate the Latin American Steel Conference
11.06.2017_Chile, Argentina, Chile, Argentina, Dominican Republic and Ecuador, winners of Alacero Contest 2017
11.02.2017_Alacero-58: Next Monday, the Steel industry and its value chain will meet in a new edition of the Alacero Conference in Cancun, Mexico
10.31.2017_Latin America: Finished steel demand and output grows in January-August, but also imports. Trade deficit ascends to 18%
10.16.2017_Chinese steel products exports to Latin America reached to 5.0 million tons during Jan/Aug 2017
09.27.2017_Latin America: Finished steel imports grow 15% during January-July 2017
09.08.2017_11% increased the Chinese steel products exports to Latin America, reaching 4.6 million tons during Jan-Jul 2017
08.22.2017_Latin America showed improvement of steel production and consumption during the 1st semester of 2017
08.04.2017_Latin America: During the 1st semester of the year, China’s exports grew up 13% in volume and 35% higher in its average price
07.20.2017_Latin America: Crude steel production up 12% and finished steel production grew 4% during Jan-May 2017
07.04.2017_Latin America: Imports of Chinese steel increase 19%, reaching 3.3 million tons during Jan-May 2017
06.22.2017_Latin America: Finished steel consumption grew 7%, while crude steel production increase 16% during Jan-Apr 2017
06.09.2017_Latin America receives 15% more steel imported from China, reaching 2.6 million tons during Jan-Apr 2017
06.01.2017_Unfair trade gaining pace into the Latin American steel value chain
05.25.2017_Latin America: Figures of the first quarter reflect a recovery in process
05.24.2017_Alacero’s Board: Economic recovery is to be expect in 2017 and 2018, strengthening steel demand
05.11.2017_Latin America: Steel imports from China increase 8%, the average price is up 33% during January-March 2017
04.27.2017_Latin America: Consumption of finished steel remains stable while production increase 2% during January-February 2017
04.10.2017_Latin America: Steel imports from China reach 1.3 million tons during Jan/Feb 2017
03.30.2017_Trade deficit of Latin America with China reaches US$ 22 billion in 2016
03.28.2017_Latin America: Consumption of finished steel grew 1%, while production increase 4% during January 2017
03.06.2017_China increased 35% its exportations of steel to Latin America during January 2017