Bus schedules

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Bus schedules according to the activity
Venue hotel: Paradisus Cancun
Supporting hotel: Emporio Cancun

Monday, November 06

Activity: Welcome Reception
Departure from Emporio Cancun to Paradisus Cancun: 19:15 hs
Return from Paradisus Cancun to Emporio Cancun: 22:45 hs

Tuesday 07, November

Activity: Conferences
Departure from Emporio Cancun to Paradisus Cancun: 08:00 hs
Return from Paradisus Cancun to Emporio Cancun: 17:00 hs

Activity: Programa Cultural* (Tulum and 5th Avenida Tour)
Departure from Paradisus Cancun: 08:00 hs
Departure from Emporio Cancun: 08:15 hs
Return from hoteles: 16:00 hs 
*Solo acompañantes de delegados

Activity: Cena de Honor
Departure from Paradisus Cancun to Isla Xcaret: 19:00 hs
Departure from Emporio Cancun to Isla Xcaret: 19:15 hs
Return from Isla Xcaret to hotels: from 23:00 hs
The busses will depart as there are no seats available.

Wednesday 08, November

Activity: Conferences
Departure from Emporio Cancun to Paradisus Cancun: 08:30 hs
Return from Paradisus Cancun to Emporio Cancun: 13:45 hs